31 Jan 2012

life is what u make it , so make it right , not according to others angle but according to yours.....

30 Jan 2012

when your success is measured by others failure , den oh man you really need to succeed..... 

28 Jan 2012

memories are like woman becomes more beautiful as time passes.

27 Jan 2012

sometimes life doesn't go as per plan, sometimes it shake things up, sometimes it goes to fast, to cope up  it is just in your hand , and person who learn to do so becomes master of his life.

25 Jan 2012

Education is the certificate to earn the money
 sometimes you can XEROX it ....

24 Jan 2012

people love to live on the edge , but if you are having enough space why to waste all that empty space,

23 Jan 2012

food 4 thought

Life is very messy when u try to solve, but it is very simple if u learn to LIVE!