17 Feb 2012

life is pretty fucking mess
you can't make it straight
just like hungry dog & its tail
emotions & desires makes life higher & higher
life is worthless, if you didn't play with fire
the thing what makes you dumb
is the thing sometimes bring you some
live the life to its best
make everything shiny with your zest
up & down are only the phases of life
when there is fall, there's gonna be rise
just be patient & have patients. 

10 Feb 2012

well today was the big day , a great event came to an end & i realized that to be the jack of all doesn't required any skill but you come handy to everyone , but to be the master of one required skill & knowledge , and you may take others as handy tool. 

6 Feb 2012

nobody likes what i do , nobody cares what i do , then why they are observing me......

2 Feb 2012

though people know everything , but sometimes they need to be told, (your feelings for them ).

1 Feb 2012

things become more beautiful when they are appreciated.