17 Mar 2012

      I want to share a story , a story of a boy name nik,( no its not me ).he is a final year college student and he is working on his project to make it succeed .  now today he is too exhausted because of his project work .
      The time frame in which this story started was the time of September & the night was fresher's night.
so after exhaustion with his all day project work , he comes to a party, with white shirt , blue ucb jeans, black MJ's tie,with a nice fedora & johney depp style specs. he enters the pub,because of dark & so much of noise , he grabs a drink and goes towards a corner side coach where sound is low, while sitting down he feel something slipped its place, and a girl makes a noise ahhhh...

Nik: oops!, did i just do , what i think......(girl just nods & before she say anything) oh man not again!! , you know i am sorry , but you have to excuse my body , it has a habit of loose connection with my brain , so whenever it sees or sense any beautiful girl such as yourself it acts like this.(he pulls up the tissue papers from the box give it to her to clean the spoiled drink) so i am nik, you seems to be new in this college,

Girl: well ,  that wasn't the bad flirting , the act went well , not that bad , but it was good.is that the way how you catch up with every single beautiful girl or its just the way you welcome your juniors

Nik: so you are a fresher , i was right about you (as he further tries to catch up with her his friends comes from the dance floor towards him)
a girl from his group: hmm someone is looking nice today, or its just a fresher air.(here is thing about his girl called maya, she is one of nik's best friend and she always talks in  codes, though her language seems normal she means other)

Nik: hey guys , meet aur fresher....., ahaa whats your name again.,

Girl: Monika

Nik: yeah , monika meet my friends.

so there happens little give and take of information & everybody enjoys the party.
as party comes to an end everybody starts leaving, so aur nik comes to monika and says , its nice to meet you , see you in college, bye.
Monika: hey, do you have any place where i can crash for couple of days, i haven't got any apartment to stay right now, & hostels are also kinda  full,   so if you don't mind can I...

Nik: yeah , why not, you can come to my apartment if you want or i can shift you to a comfy hotel if you want.

Monika: no the apartment is fine , besides it will be helpful to have someone who knows your college from last 3 years right.

Nik: okay then , where is your luggage ?

Monika: its at girl's hostel, okay no problem, maya will pick it up, i will tell her to bring by, lets roll

to be continued......