4 Jun 2012

Here are reviews of some of the tv serials :
Burn notice- well its a story of a spy, who seeks the reason why he got burn and during this finding he come to know the politics in the agency , how things get handled internally, during this he also come across a lover , a friend both are as damage as he is and with their unique skill set they save people's lives, and bring justice.
The good wife - the story move around a wife of a wealthy and powerful judge , who get involved in sex scandal. The plot shows how perfectly the wife handle the situation and sometimes get paranoid,and confused how politics is played. (Inspired by clinton - monika sex scandal.)
The secret diary of call girl - its a story of a London based escort, who is too lazy to get a job , and love money as well as sex. After working for an escort agent (pimp) she come to know the profit in it she goes  freelancing , due to her minute details and perfection she get successful. but fails in real life relationship.