3 May 2015

The Thing called: Triangle

Chapter 5
The Thing called: Triangle
10th of August almost … 10 days had passed since we separated but something else hurt me more – that was Mourya. He had been acting so weird lately. He didn’t ask me a word, and was not willing to share anything with me when we met. This hurt me more than the separation. Because the one thing I was sure about our separation, was that she would relent at some point.
Mourya and I had been inseparable. Our friends had even declared us the best couple in college. On asking around, I found out that he was busy with the student council – the thing I was least interested in.
We still ate at the same table but everything else had changed. My ex-girlfriend avoided me and used to sit at the other end of the table, while Mourya was lost in his own world. Now, I had no one to share my journey with. I felt like I had been left behind, and I was losing my sanity.
I met my mentor, someone assigned to each student by the college, as a beacon to turn to when necessary. I explained everything to him and asked him what course I should take now? He asked me to wait outside. A little later, Mourya and my ex-girlfriend walked in. it was now the four of us. My mentor explained the importance of friendship before I spoke. Then I openly asked Mourya,
Me: What’s the matter with you? Why you are behaving like this?
M: I've just been busy with the student council.
Me: Mourya, don’t lie to me. While I agree that you are busy, there is a limit to everything. Remember there was a time where we used to eat from a single plate, and drink tea from a  single cup, that is how strong our friendship was. Now, you decide what to do.
M: Sammy, you misunderstand.
Me: Shut the fuck up, dude! Ask anybody in the college, why go far, here is a third person sitting, just ask her.
Her: Mourya, he is right. What’s the matter with you?
M: Nothing, Samrat is getting jealous of me.
Me: Me and jealous. What are you crazy or something?
M: Do you hear his tone?
Me: Dude this is how we used to talk since we met. Since when have you started picking on my bloody tone?.
M: I am the President of the Student Council now. I have to look at each and every thing.
Me: Remember you are someone's best friend before that.
I thumped the table with my hand and left the cabin.
All the frustration and the anger of the past few days had erupted. I got a text from her that night.
'I know your heart is true, and you really care about your friend, but he has changed, like it or not and that’s the fact. Till now he was there with you because you two were sharing the same dream, to start your own business, and to enjoy life to the fullest, but now that he has become the President of the Student's Council, all his dreams have changed, and since you are no longer a part of his journey, he is ignoring you. Don’t think too much about it. Sleep on it. And Sammy, it's time you also move on.'
But the thing is, I did not want to move on. I had always pictured the three of us together, like a triangle, but I guess now everyone wants to move on and the triangle is getting bigger and bigger, it’s not going to fit in my picture.
It felt impossible to simultaneously run towards two distinct  ends of the triangle. I was at a fork in the road. Either my girlfriend or my best buddy Mourya. I chose to try and renew my relationship with her rather than Mourya.
The next day in college felt like an alien landscape. I was lost. Between these two, I had forgotten to make new friends. My condition was like that of an infant who has just come out of his mother’s womb and is totally unaware of the world. The only difference between me and that infant was he was out of his mother’s protective environment and I was out of my friend circle.
I learned a lesson the hard way, never put all your eggs in one basket. I decided to try and make some new friends soon.
I met Kiran the same day. She was the girl with the smile.