28 Jan 2016

Social Media Boon or Bane?

It is a story of human behavior and how it changes according to time. While I was waiting for someone in restaurant one middle aged couple was sitting next to me, being there for more than 10 minutes eagerly waiting for someone, I was checking my cell phone for all the social apps which were present in my cell  and getting updated with all the social events happening in my friend circle at the same time I could hear the conversation between that couple who were talking about some incident which happened in their friend circle about this social app. They were talking something ill about this thing, their tone was very negative regarding all these fads. After hearing their words I started to think is getting social virtually, that much bad? Using social app is good or bad? If I think from their perspective it is always bad because they hardly know anything about such social things and whatever they have read or seen on television, thanks to our media! Was always bad. That’s why they are so correct about their opinion. But then is it the right opinion, social media is really bad?
If you ask my honest opinion, social media is neither good nor bad. It totally depends upon you, and how you are using it. It is just like fire. You can use it to lite a lamp to spread light or you can also use it to burn down a house, no doubt it also spread light but it is mixed with fury. So if a house is getting burnt because of fire, does that mean fire is bad? Or it’s the person who did this is bad. Same is the case with social media.  Social media was created to increase the connectivity between people with good intention in mind. It totally depends on the user who is using it. It defines your real nature, your attitude towards society. But unfortunately bad things spread faster and that’s exactly what has happened with all these social media. As far as news are concern there are good news also regarding these social medias, lot of good things are happening because of these social media. It depends upon you how you look at it, if you started to look for bad things, you will always get bad things noticed first. But if you started to look for good things you will get good things in bad situations also. It’s all about your attitude.
As I was thinking about this, the person whom I was waiting for came. I said thanks for coming late. Now it was up to her whether to take this positively or negatively.