9 Mar 2016

Behind Every Criticism There Is hidden Truth

In today’s self-centered world, everyone is so much involved in the itself that given a choice between “Thank you” and “You are welcomed” many of us would choose “Thank you” instead of “You are welcomed” means nobody is bothered to help today, everyone is so involved in themselves that they always want someone to help them, be it friend, a stranger or their luck.  But they won’t miss a chance to give an advice who need help. “I think you should work for an IT company, they pay handsomely” , says the guy who works as a clerk in a bank, to a person who is there for car loan and about to buy a brand new Mercedes. People sometimes forget who they are what they know about any particular thing is right or wrong? But what they will do is, give an advice.   And one of the common thing observed is, jealousy because of somebody’s success. If a person is making good money for himself, this thing makes their face sour.
Today I went to my friend at his shop, just to say “Hi”, it was long time since we met, and I happen to be in his area so decided to pay him a visit, there I met one guy, probably in his late 30s. well dressed, good looking, came to his shop to buy certain things. List was long so he happened to spend little more time at the shop. The guy in the shop was taking out things from the shelves as per the list, while we were both busy in talking about one of our mutually known person. As we were discussing about him, and his habits, that person was listening us, the moment we stopped, he jumped in, “Do you know how much money he makes, he was just an ordinary person like you and me, we were in same class, we even used to sit together on same bench, we used to do lot fun, he was very rebellious back in school days, used to use lot of bad words for his other school mates. Now look at him, doing same thing with is subordinate sucking their blood, and enjoying profit on his own.”
Everybody has heard such stories at least once in their life. Where a lay man feels like he is been cheated by his luck, looking at the other guy who is very successful in his life. So this lay man starts to make stories out of it, just to soothe his heart and mind and create a protective layer of excuses about why this happen to him and not to me. After spilling all of his comforting, and jealous coated excuses, he got calm down, his good were now ready on the counter, he placed them in his bag and took an exit with saying bye to us as if we were his school mates and a big smile on his face.
We both looked at him, said bye. As he went my friend told me to ignore the frustrated poor soul. After almost half an hour I also took an exit from there but this person kept me thinking about the psychology of human being. It is same as that of, ‘if your friend gets fail in an exam you feel bad for him and try to sympathize him, but if the same friend scores distinction and you with just passing marks then you feel miserable.’ The same psychology is applied in real life also.      
If somebody is so successful today, there must be good qualities in him otherwise he won’t be that much successful today. So instead to criticizing him try to analyze him, who knows you may find some good hidden qualities out of him, which will help you to make your life successful.
That’s why it is said behind every good thing there is hidden truth. Only few will know it.