25 Dec 2015

Life is, how you look at it!

Sometimes it so happens that, some incidences happens unknowingly and they get etched on your mind forever. It is not the incidence which you recollect, but the person who responds to that incidence remains so close to your heart, that’s the reason you get that feeling, “Yaar, iss Bande me dum he” For me this feeling is as old as almost a year, when I was in Kolhapur. I was with my boss, we were about to leave that place, and one little boy around 12 years old, ran towards us in School uniform, well combed hair, tidy dress, and good smile on face. Sir, do you need rag to clean your bike? I am having some good rags with me, only for 20 bucks. And he started to convince me to buy at least one rag from him, but unfortunately I already bought one just the day before, which I told him. Then he said it will be helpful if I buy that rag from him, as he needed the money to pay his school fees. Hearing this I got bit sentimental and I offered him 50 bucks and said I already have one rag with me, you keep this money for your education fees. He refused to take money and said he will only take money if I buy something from him. His self-esteem put me in an awkward position. My boss was behind me, he said, “Nikhil he won’t take money, until you buy something from him” as a result I bought the rag from him, he said thank you with a big smile, and went to next person for the same.
During our lunch time when we were having our meal, I asked my boss, why he didn’t take the money? Manager replied, Self-respect, he answered in one word. Because he was boss, I avoided further discussion, but my mind was battling with the thoughts that if his self-respect was that much important then why he told his need on the first place. From my point of view, if he is selling goods on the streets, instead of giving that time to study, how he could do justice to his academics. Sometimes you need to cut corners, to achieve your goals. That doesn’t mean you should do things which doesn’t fit to your values. But one should be wise enough to look the things from other perspective and there is nothing wrong in it. If he could have taken those 50 bucks as a scholarship it could have save his time of selling two rags less and he could have utilize this for his study. After all Life is how you look at it. You may say glass is half empty, or in other words glass is half full.