5 Dec 2015

Pune Gold Rush!

It is said that when a company gives direct job to 10 people it means it gives 50 indirect job to others. Same is the condition happening in Pune.  A small city, a city with abundant greenery around, a city with historical importance, a city known as education hub, and of course a pensioner’s city. Of late this has changed a lot. The city which was known for its peaceful life is now experiencing a gold rush and life hasn’t been same since then as it used to be. It all started in the year Y2K. Initially nobody knew the potential of this thing. Yes, initially it was just the Thing now it has become the boom. Everybody wants to become a part of it. Right from a fruit vendor to builder, from an institution to the farmer.  Let’s understand why?
Software companies here, are mainly service base, they takes up the projects from developed countries complete it and supply to them. This is all happening because labor here is less economical, but skilled, and cost incurred is in rupees. That’s why IT companies are flourishing here. Basically we are doing someone else’s laundry work but in less cost. But  then the question remains  why people are still getting attracted towards it. The reason is MONEY! Because what is considered as less there, is consider more here. It’s a win win situation for both.  
Initially when this all was new here, People working it IT were limited, and companies were making huge profits. So a Software guy used to make 25-30 k at the start of his career. A guy who just passed out of college earning that kind of money used to spend also in a same way. Saturday Sunday pubs used to full of IT crowd.  Software engineers looked like rock stars and Software companies looked like rock bands to the society. Who doesn’t want to earn the money? So lot of colleges started coming up with different computer courses, Bcs, Mcs, BCA, MCA, BE in computer, BE in Information Technology and what not. Because of ‘Hinjewadi’ all western part of Pune Wakad, Baner, Pashan started to flourish. Then came the ‘Magarpatta city’ to the south east area of pune which flourished Hadapsar, Korgaon park and camp area, then it was ‘Talwade IT park’, the north side of Pune which flourished the Moshi, Chakan and Dehu road. Now with ‘Eon IT park’ at eastern part of the pune flourished the Kharadi, Nagar road and Vimannagar.
When we talk about “Flourished” what exactly it means? The real estate rate of these areas increased. These areas were nothing but the farms and barren lands of farmers. Today these guys are moving with nothing less than a Fortuner and almost half a kg gold on them. Every Dr want to settle his clinic in these areas. Every baniya wants to open his shop in these area, just because IT people spends like anything. So like I said “when a company gives direct job to 10 people it means it gives 50 indirect job to others”.  If this progress continues for even less than a decade then Pune and Mumbai will match up on financial level. I am sure that this gold rush will continue, because the real money is yet to come!