20 Feb 2016

Simple is Better

It was 7:30pm luckily everyone was home early. We were enjoying prime time television shows. Everything was going smoothly, Show ended and an ad came up on regarding pulse polio Sunday. This time government took one step forward and decided to go with IPV, which is really good initiative to keep polio virus at bay. Doorbell rang, Mom opened the door, it was our next door neighbor she came to invite us for her son’s fifth birthday which was the very next day. “I have already put an invitation on our Whatsapp group, but just to give a reminder I came to you. If you are free tomorrow can you please come bit early to help me with the preparation?” said our neighbor.  My mom agreed to her invitation cum request and whole scene ended and so was the polio ad. We again went back to our prime time shows on television. Some ten fifteen minutes later, my mom suddenly asked me “Do you know Ramooshi?”, and a silence filled in with her sudden question.  
“In ancient time in village there were no Whatsapp or facebook, so people used to gather at one point to meet one another and to have casual talks. There some important decisions used to be taken, and to spread these to entire village one person was appointed called Ramooshi. For example take the latest example of inviting people over for any function, Ramooshi used to roam in entire village and used to cry out loud with some musical instrument to give the invitation to villagers. Same was the case with whenever there was any such pulse polio Sunday or any health care worker used to come in village. In short Yesterday’s Ramooshi was replaced by today’s whatsapp and facebook, with much of fine tuning.” Explained my mom.
This particular explanation kept me pondering how things changed? Yesterday’s technique was very loud and raw. But today with whatsapp and other media you can interact with anyone without much of a physical movement, but with lots of emotions and in very colorful way with emojis and stickers. Plus no one knows who we are talking to, so privacy is also maintained. But the question is, are we going in a right direction? Is it a change or an improvement? To overcome on every limitation we are improvising on our current state of living, but in the process of doing so are we going away from each other, yet coming close virtually? Is it good for us? We say Human is a social animal he love to live in a community, so why not be in community, instead of living in virtual world. Because the more you go away from the very basic nature of human the more things get complicate. To solve this complication we try to come up with solution and it gets more complicated. So why not embrace our very own natural state, and keep complications minimum.