12 Feb 2016

You gotta look up to get down

“You gotta look up to get down.” An interesting line I came up today, while rewatchign the TV series “Entourage.” It is said that rewatching movies is a comforting act that can make you feel more stable and smile remembering the past, as per the study carried out by Cristel Antonia Russell and Sidney J. Levy. In 2012. So as per them I was just getting stable and revisiting my good old past, and smiling on things which used to look to cool then, and surprisingly they still look cool if you just forget the logic and apply the possibility that this can happen in real world also.

The line I was so fascinated with was “You gotta look up to get down”. it has an interesting hidden meaning , it says you need to look up means you need to fix your target, your goal before you get down with the business of achieving them.  Many a times it happens that you are so excited to achieve your goal that you forget which is the right path towards your goal, and you end up on wrong path, need to do things which should not be done, but for achieving the goal such things happen.   
In today’s world people are ready to get down to anything but they don’t know where to go. Here is an classic example of Mr. W, who love to write. To Write something good which people will like to read carefully and think on it, is every writer’s dream, so was Mr W’s. Keeping this on mind he decides to work as corporate policy maker in a reputed company, where he would get a chance to make working guidelines which people will read carefully, think on it and act on the same. Initially it was very thrilling job for Mr. W, but as the time passed by, he got bored and got frustrate. What could be the reason?
The reason is “You gotta look up to get down”.  You need to think what you want to do before you actually do what you want to do.  

Another live example, I witnessed with my eyes. A guy recently married, having a decent job was living in a tier one city. With one added partner in his life, he thought of earning some extra money, so he came up with a magical idea, and he executed it. He switched job, it gave him decent hike in his salary, he was happy with his salary, and company was good, his wife was happy. But the thing was this job location was country side. Initially he loved the atmosphere, the slow life, limited people, and with his knowledge from the city, made him famous in the village. People started to like him, respect him. As days passed, he got frustrate. Because there was no growth in him, the slow life made him less competitive, there was no fight left in him because of his current lifestyle. What went wrong? Was the need of money wrong? Or the decision he took to satisfy the need was wrong? Sometimes we are so immersed in the problem that our thinking gets blurred, we tend to take most comfortable and easiest path. Here in this case he did exactly the same, but if he could have decided to stay in the city only and work hard to earn more money, then he would have achieved his goal and instead to getting frustrated he could have become the happy man. But he chose other otherwise. After all we are outcome of choices we make.