21 Oct 2015


What is mediocrity? Is being mediocre a crime or to be proud of? If you think it is something you should be proud of or it’s a good thing then you are doing a crime. Being mediocre is limiting yourself from doing something huge, at the same time you are doing injustice to the world. 

Think, what if Right brothers were mediocre? Their dreams would have been mediocre.  Don’t worry aero planes still be in existence, but the evolution could not been that much sophisticated which we are enjoying today. And that would be an injustice to humankind. So if tomorrow anybody says to you that he/she is mediocre and he/she loves it being that way, please run away from such people. Because nobody in this world would like to be a mediocre. these are the people who are either miserably failed in their life, lazy or have a fear of losing. And I am talking about each and every field, be it sports, academics or wealth wise. 

Everybody deserves an extraordinary life. When we fail to do so we start giving reason to ourselves once we get agree with it, then we try to justify for us for being mediocre and wear a mask of being a mediocre. Eventually we get stuck to a place, get bored with the life. Then we start to classify things in to two category “ordinary” and “extraordinary”, those who do some extraordinary thing we start to follow them, and make them hero. But in actual everybody is hero, an extraordinary person, provided he/she need to find that extraordinary thing in them. Then I am sure world won’t be same place again from that moment onwards.