25 Oct 2015

The Thing Called : Love

What is love? Is it a feeling? An emotion? Or an act? Let me tell you a story then you only decide what is it? It’s a story of two lizards. As you all know japan is earthquake prone country. So after one such an earthquake, a family decided to renovate their house because it was damaged a bit. The walls in that house were wooden with some hollow spaced in-between. When the man broke open the wall, he saw a lizard who was stuck in one of the hollow space because a nail was drilled in one of its feet. He saw this and felt pity and at the same time he got curious, because it was nailed almost ten years ago when the house was built. How come the lizard has survived? After a while he saw another lizard that came with the food in its mouth, and fed the other lizard. The second lizard was doing this for ten long years untiringly.
What you call this act, Love? So what is love? Is it a feeling of that second lizard? Or an emotion that just surfaced in your mind while reading this story? Or it’s an act of that second lizard?