17 Oct 2015

The Mirror

She was in the Starbucks cafe, sipping her coffee and staring out of the window. The blood stained knife lay next to her handbag, covered with her blue silk scarf. As she took a sip of hot coffee, she went into Trans. “how I ended up like this? Is this what I wanted on the first place? What if I get one chance to make it right?” while she was busy with her thoughts, a five feet ten inch tall, trimmed beard, blue eyes, athletic built figure called Mourya entered the cafĂ©, and he directly approached her. He found Yosha was lost in her thoughts. He gently sat on a chair, he found her this image so mesmerizing that he didn’t dare to wake her up. As he was looking at her, his hand accidently fall on the blue scarf, he felt something weird inside that scarf, so he unfold the scarf, he saw the knife stained with blood. It has become all blue because of blood, Mourya got suspicious, he cut himself, dropped two drops of his blood on the same knife. As soon as his blood falls on the knife which was already stained with the blood, the blue color disappeared for a fraction of seconds and again color became blue. This was an indicator that, the knife was stained with none other than Mourya’s mirror image’s blood.
Honey this knife is covered with my mirror’s blood. Mourya asked Yosha. Yosha who was lost in her own thought, came to reality. Looking at Mourya, she put on the artificial smile, “oh, Mourya darling you scared me” with this she stepped down from the stool and hugged him, and kissed him. Mourya in lower tone asked Yosha “honey, what is this?” Pointing at knife. “How come my mirror’s blood ended up on the knife?  Is he going to die? ” Yosha was now in dilemma, as how to tell his own fiancĂ© that she has murdered his mirror in future. Here Mourya was bit confused with the status of his mirror image.
“27th July, 3020” Yosha responded quietly. “You mean to say, tomorrow?” asked Mourya anxiously. Yosha nodded to confirm. But she didn’t dare to tell him that she is the one who killed his mirror tomorrow. It all started because of the technology called Hi-Five, an app. This app constantly observes your daily reactions and your behavior and creates your virtual image. It’s just like your mirror image. It does same in virtual world, what you do in your day to day life in real world. You can be with your loved once virtually at the same time you can work in the office. This mirror image has its own artificial intelligence which is in sync with person’s brain. With this technology person can do multitasking, People were so used to this technology; they were using their mirror images as their assistant to run errands, to share their workloads, to book appointments. People became so dependent on this technology; the entire social structure was built on this particular concept. This technology within short span of time got so much developed. Now people got so much attached to their mirrors, that they not only started to upgrade their capacity for work, but they started to dress them nicely, they even started to celebrate their birthdays. Mourya was also not an exception to this, he upgraded his mirror’s capacity, he even changed the skin tone, color of eyes, and with the extended version of the program he changed the color of his blood to blue.         
After the engagement of Mourya and Yosha, they both synced their mirror images with each other’s, to have a better coordination. To know each other better, and to spend some extra time with each other. It was a courtship period, they both were curious to know each other. The more they get to know each other the more they fell in love with each other. On one such fine morning of 26th July, Yosha was casually having the conversation with Mourya’s mirror image, and she came to know that the mirror is having a meeting with Anagha on 27th July. Since Mourya shared his mirror’s information with Yosha as a token of trust, Yosha could actually look into Mourya’s past life, his future plans. So she looked in for Anagha in his past life. The level of affinity for Anagha was above average, more than the affinity between her and Mourya. Looking at this she gets curious; to know more about this personality called Anagha. Yosha runs the virtual meeting between Mourya and Anagha which is going to take place tomorrow on 27th July. The results were shocking for Yosha. It showed meeting ends up with Mourya kissing Anagha. So she runs virtual meeting from Mourya’s point of view, it ends up the same way. Yosha becomes restless, as what to do. She checks out the past history between them once again, it turns out they both were close friends. Her mind starts applying different possibilities as what’s the relationship between both of them. She becomes so much possessive of Mourya. So she starts thinking how to keep Mourya’s mirror away from meeting Anagha.
After a lot of thinking she comes to a conclusion. She herself books a meeting with Mourya’s mirror prior to Anagha’s meeting, to ask about Anagha. As she runs the virtual meeting, it ends up with a big argument between both of them and her killing Mourya’s mirror, with a knife.
Mourya asked her once again, “Yosha is it true?” and without much ado he took out his cell phone to check the status of his mirror. Looking at this act Yosha stops Mourya, and starts explaining.
“Yes Mourya, it is ture. I went behind your back, and checked your appointments, there I found Anagha’s name written, and as I ran the virtual randevu, the outcomes were similar from both the angle. This doesn’t happen always, and when it does, the outcome becomes 100% certain.” “Yes, you are absolutely true, but there is always a variable present. As far as my knowledge goes about Anagha, she is bit technolazy, she also did not tell anyone about her engagement, it was bit low-key. I am defiantly sure that Anagha must have forgotten to update her profile from single to engaged, as she is also engaged and going to marry soon.  She must be coming to meet me to give us the invitation for her wedding. Yes we do have shared some good memories that’s why affinity percentage is that much high, but apart from pure friendship there is nothing more between us.” Hearing this Yosha got shocked, she felt guilty to judge Mourya wrongly. But she has already killed his mirror, which means  from 27th july 2030 onwards, Mourya won’t be having his mirror with him. He has to do all his work by himself, and in a society where its structure is built on base of your mirror image, Mourya was now virtually crippled. His speed was reduced to half. He won’t remain that much efficient. Initially Mourya thought he can manage this, but as time pass by, it get more difficult for him to balance his professional life and personal life. As a result he could not able to spend any time with Yosha, which resulted in increased argument between them, whenever they used to meet, half of the time they used to argue with each other. Mourya got so fed up with this, and he decided to give more time to Yosha. This made him ignore his work life, he started missing his deadlines, his work progress started to decrease, and this automatically affected his earning, and increased the stress. Mourya got frustrated. Yosha could see this change in his behavior she got worried for Mourya. To clean this mess Yosha started to search for the alternative, she came to know that once the mirror is dead you cannot create another, the only option is either you share the mirror or search for mirror donor. To find the mirror donor was very difficult and expensive affair. Plus synchronization between donated mirror and person would create the major problem. Yosha decides to share her mirror with Mourya. But this is going to increase the burden on Yosha’s brain.
After hearing Yosha about this Mourya refused Yosha’s proposal, because sharing the mirror between both of them, will eventually increase the load on Yosha’s brain, which will fasten her mental ageing. Yosha convinced Mourya, that this is the only option they have, besides it will help him to ease his load, he will also get time for himself and for her, which will eventually decrease the argument between them and will leads to happy life. Besides it is not how much years to live, it is how peacefully and happily you live that matters. These words convinced Mourya to share the Yosh’a mirror image between them. And they lived happily ever after.